Nicom LLC specializes in the production and sale of refractory metals


Tungsten is a transition metal, shiny, gray-silver in color. It is record refractory and chemically resistant. Passes into a liquid state at 3422 °C. Heavy, dense, hard (7.5 on the Mohs scale), has excellent malleability and is easily stretched to form a thin thread.


The metal is resistant to corrosion under normal conditions and to the effects of certain acids. Refers to paramagnets. Most of the mined tungsten is used to produce refractory materials.


Applications for this metal:


Metallurgy and mechanical engineering.


It is used to create hard materials (9 out of 10 points on the Mohs scale), for example, tungsten carbide. They are used for the production of special equipment, high-speed tools, etc.


Мilitary industry.

To create tank armor, weapons, various ammunition, ballistic missiles, etc.


Space and aircraft industry.

As a component of alloys for the manufacture of aircraft, engines.


Medical industry.

For the production of surgical instruments, x-ray equipment.


Nuclear industry.

It is used for the manufacture of containers in which radioactive substances are stored.


Electronic and electrical industries.

In the production of lighting fixtures, vacuum devices, etc.


Tungsten is used to produce catalysts and pigments, in heating elements of high-temperature furnaces, for welding electrodes, in the production of high-temperature lubricants, for generating electrical energy from thermal energy, etc.

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