Nicom LLC specializes in the production and sale of refractory metals


Niobium is a transition metal that has a silvery color and a pronounced luster. Refers to refractory, goes into a liquid state at 2468 ° C. In nature, it is always found together with tantalum, it has similar chemical properties.


This metal is used in various fields of activity:


Metallurgical industry.

It is a valuable raw material, an alloying additive in the creation of alkali-resistant, superconducting, heat-resistant and other industrially important alloys.


Chemical industry.

Niobium oxides are widely used – as catalysts for various processes, as well as for the manufacture of equipment resistant to corrosion; chemically inert dishes, etc.

Electronic and electrical industries.

It is used for the production of high-quality capacitors, superconducting elements (cryotrons) for computer technology, etc.


Aviation industry.

It is used in the production of aircraft parts, radar installations, etc.


Minting of commemorative coins.

In a number of countries, niobium is used to make commemorative and collectible bimetallic coins.


Niobium carbide is an important component of the alloys used to make nuclear jet engines. The nitride of this metal is used to create ultrathin films with the properties of superconductors.


Niobium is distinguished by its strength, high ductility (it rolls to a thin foil), and resistance to aggressive acidic environments, including when heated. It is extracted only from ore concentrates using a labor-intensive three-stage technology.

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