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Hafnium is a rare transition metal that has a silvery color and luster. Powdered dark grey. Refers to strong and refractory, becomes liquid at 2233 °C. Thanks to the oxide film, it is quite inert, resistant to acids on a par with glass, and has a water-repellent property. In its pure form, this metal is characterized by good ductility and high ductility to machining.


By itself, it does not occur in nature, it is most often found in zirconium minerals, from which it is mined in several stages.


Hafnium finds application in the following areas of human activity:


Atomic industry.

It accounts for over 90% of all mined hafnium. It is used for the production of wear-resistant rods for nuclear reactors, etc.



As an alloying component in the composition of alloys with titanium, cobalt, nickel.


Shipbuilding and rocket science.

For alloying nickel in order to increase the corrosion resistance and strength of materials, as well as the weldability and strength of welds during welding. With his participation, nozzles, engine parts, gas rudders, etc. are produced.



In the manufacture of special glass grades, top quality optical products, thermal imaging cameras, etc.


Electronic and electrical industry.

In the production of dielectrics, computer equipment, special resistive films, etc.


Hafnium is also used for the manufacture of high-quality multilayer X-ray mirrors, heavy-duty magnets, wear-resistant coatings, special ceramics and glasses.

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