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Tantalum is a heavy metal with a light gray color. In air, it acquires a bluish tint due to the oxide film. It belongs to rare elements, the share in the earth’s crust is only 0.0002%, and it can only be found in the composition of various minerals.


Tantalum products are able to withstand extremely high temperatures and are very wear resistant. This metal melts at 3017 °C. In addition, it is characterized by high ductility, combined with hardness. Pure tantalum easily turns into a filament or layer a hundredth of a millimeter thick, and lends itself well to machining on machine tools.


An important quality of this metal is resistance to various aggressive environments. It deservedly can be called a champion in corrosion resistance.


Tantalum is used in various fields:


Chemical industry.

It is used to make acid-resistant laboratory glassware, etc.


Nuclear power.

It is used in the production of heat exchangers and tubes.



For the manufacture of vacuum measuring and high-precision instruments, capacitor anodes. Tantalum is also used in the manufacture of computer equipment.


Military industry.

For the production of targets, the outer part of the shells.


The medicine.

It is used for the manufacture of surgical staples and threads, instruments, etc.


Jewelry business.

For the production of jewelry, valued among wealthy connoisseurs of such products that retain their original beautiful appearance for years.



The metal is used as an alloying additive that improves the properties of some alloys.

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