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Molybdenum is a soft transition metal that has a light silvery color and a bright sheen when cut. Refers to rare elements found in minerals and sea water. Its amount in the earth’s crust does not exceed 0.0003% by weight.


This metal is refractory, becoming liquid at 2620°C. It has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Like its alloys, it is valued for its high elasticity. Refers to heat-resistant materials, characterized by high corrosion resistance and resistance to mechanical stress.


In its pure form, this metal quickly oxidizes, and when heated from 700 ° C and above, it loses strength. Usually it is used as alloy components or coated with a protective layer.


Molybdenum is used in various fields of activity:



For the production of steels; obtaining alloys for the manufacture of structures capable of withstanding significant loads and resistant to corrosion; for materials from which presses, high-speed tools, etc. are made.


Medical equipment.

In the production of X-ray equipment, etc.



For electronic lamps, vacuum devices, etc.


Aviation industry.

In the production of wing skins, stabilizers, protective screens, jet engines, etc.


Chemical industry.

As a catalyst. Molybdenum powder is used to treat seeds and soil to increase yields. Also, this metal is used for the manufacture of glasses resistant to acids; solder in jewelry; in engine oil to increase engine life, etc.

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