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Vanadium is a transition metal that has a gray color with a silvery sheen. Refers to hard, but well-workable materials. It is characterized by high ductility and plasticity. Melts at 1920 °C. This metal is well resistant to alkalis, sea water, dilute acids.


In nature, it is most often found in igneous rocks and basalts; it belongs to fairly common elements. It has found the greatest application in the metallurgical (about 90% of the volume extracted) and chemical industries.


Areas of use of vanadium:


Automotive industry.

In the manufacture of engine pistons, axles and other parts that experience high loads during operation.


Oil industry.

For the production of drilling rigs, as well as a catalyst for processes in the cracking of oil.



To obtain structural steel grades; manufacture of bicycle frames, durable tools (knives, wrenches, etc.), rolled products and rods, tubes, wire, etc.


Chemical industry.

As a catalyst in the production of sulfuric acid, paints, etc.


Medical industry.

In alloys for dental implants, etc.


Electronic and electrical industry.

In the production of semiconductor devices, switches, displays, etc.


Atomic industry.

In thermochemical reactions, as well as for the production of parts of heat-removing components.


Vanadium is considered to be the best alloying component to increase the strength, elasticity, hardness and toughness of steels.

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