Nicom LLC specializes in the production and sale of refractory metals


Niсom company specializes in the production and sale of refractory metals. We know everything about tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, tungsten, rhenium, vanadium, zirconium, hafnium and strive to provide the Russian industry with world-class high-quality raw materials.

Hafnium is a rare transition metal that has a silvery color and luster. Powdered dark grey. Refers to strong and refractory, becomes liquid at 2233 °C. Thanks to the oxide film, it is quite inert, resistant to acids on a par with glass, and has a water-repellent property. In its pure form, this metal is characterized by good ductility and high ductility to machining.

Tantalum is a heavy metal with a light gray color. In air, it acquires a bluish tint due to the oxide film. It belongs to rare elements, the share in the earth’s crust is only 0.0002%, and it can only be found in the composition of various minerals.

Niobium is a transition metal that has a silvery color and a pronounced luster. Refers to refractory, goes into a liquid state at 2468 ° C. In nature, it is always found together with tantalum, it has similar chemical properties.

Zirconium is a gray transition metal with a silvery sheen. Plastic. It melts at 1855 °C, in powder form it is capable of self-ignition at ordinary temperatures. Refers to paramagnets. It is resistant to corrosion, radiation, is immune to alkali solutions, sulfuric (up to 50%) and hydrochloric acids.

Tungsten is a transition metal, shiny, gray-silver in color. It is record refractory and chemically resistant. Passes into a liquid state at 3422 °C. Heavy, dense, hard (7.5 on the Mohs scale), has excellent malleability and is easily stretched to form a thin thread.

Molybdenum is a soft transition metal that has a light silvery color and a bright sheen when cut. Refers to rare elements found in minerals and sea water. Its amount in the earth’s crust does not exceed 0.0003% by weight.

Vanadium is a transition metal that has a gray color with a silvery sheen. Refers to hard, but well-workable materials. It is characterized by high ductility and plasticity. Melts at 1920 °C. This metal is well resistant to alkalis, sea water, dilute acids.

Rhenium is a hard transition metal with a pronounced luster. It has a light silvery color, but in a powdered state it is dark, almost black. It is mined mainly from molybdenum ores, it is extremely rare: the amount in the earth’s crust is not higher than 7⋅10-8 by weight.

Iron-based alloys are called special, having special properties due to alloying with various chemical elements or special processing.


They may be:


Heat resistant and heat resistant.

Wear resistant, etc.

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