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Rhenium is a hard transition metal with a pronounced luster. It has a light silvery color, but in a powdered state it is dark, almost black. It is mined mainly from molybdenum ores, it is extremely rare: the amount in the earth’s crust is not higher than 7⋅10-8 by weight.


Rhenium has a high refractoriness, becomes liquid at 3186 °C. It has a high density, elastic, durable even with repeated cycles of heating and cooling. Plastic, but this quality is lost after processing, although with the possibility of recovery after annealing in special environments. Under normal conditions, it resists oxidation and corrosion well.


Areas of use of rhenium:


Aviation industry and rocket science.

Almost 70% of the mined rhenium is used to make engine turbines.


Petrochemical industry.

As a catalyst in the production of elite grades of fuel.


Electronic and electrical industry.

In the manufacture of X-ray and cathode ray tubes, thermocouples, precision instruments, self-cleaning contacts, etc.


Serves as a component of alloys for the production of parts of geodetic instruments, gyroscopes, cores, protective coating of parts and microcircuits, etc.


Nuclear power.

For the manufacture of pipes operating at temperatures up to 3,000°C.


Jewelry business.

For the manufacture and coating of precious products, jewelry.


As rare and expensive, this metal is used only where there is no cheaper alternative.

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