Nicom LLC specializes in the production and sale of refractory metals

About Us

About Us The main activity of the company is the production and sale of refractory metals, their oxide forms, alloys and ferroalloys for enterprises of special metallurgy, electronics and aerospace industries.

We successfully work both on the domestic and international markets, which allows us to create offers that are optimal in terms of price and quality for our clients, to keep abreast of modern technological and raw materials trends.

Taking into account the needs of the metal market, we strive to implement the most modern production project for refractory metal ingots with a purity of at least 3N. At the moment, the production and technical base allows for the reduction of complex oxides of refractory metals and further remelting into ingots in our own vacuum vertical electron beam furnace.

Cooperation with leading Russian laboratories gives an independent view of the quality of our products.

The foundation of our work is, first of all, professionalism and understanding of physical and chemical processes in special metallurgy. As well as knowledge of the equipment, its characteristics and all production chains.

We do not just supply metals, but actually form an individual economically and qualitatively justified raw material map for leading metallurgical enterprises.


An important mission of the company is to care for the environment.

We are actively introducing modern technologies in production, logistics, warehousing, document management.

First of all, in the field of special vacuum metallurgy of refractory metal ingots.

Our production uses a closed water cooling system with preliminary preparation by double distillation. Modern air filters and traps have been installed in the ventilation system, which make it possible to capture impurities almost 100% and use them in the recycling of their own waste.

Whenever possible, secondary raw materials are used with multi-stage input control, in compliance with technologies and maintaining the high quality of the final product.

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